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In a radio interview while on the road with his solo band Sons of the Sea, Brandon Boyd announced that fans can expect some new Incubus music in 2015, followed by a tour. Mike Einziger also reinforced this statement when asked on his Twitter.

In August 2014, Mike Einziger posted a picture of the band on his instagram in a studio, alluding to the fact they were in the process of creating their album. Subsequently, a few days following the images of the band in a studio, they announced they would be attending the 2015 Soundwave Music Festival in Australia, alongside Faith no More and Soundgarden. They played at the KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014 on December 14, their first full band appearance since December 2013. During their performance they debuted a new song called "Trust Fall". Incubus announced they will release two EP's in 2015 with the first Trust Fall (Side A) set for release on May 12, 2015. The first single, "Absolution Calling", was released February 5, 2015, to be followed by the second single, "Trust Fall", on March 10, 2015.

They will be performing at Australia's Soundwave Festival and two other concerts in Australia. In March 2015, they will tour Japan, Hawaii and "Festival Cumbre Tajín" in Mexico. In May and June 2015, they will play at two festivals in Germany ("Rockavaria" and "Grüne Hölle"), one concert in Milan and at Donauinselfest in Vienna. They will also be in London's Hammersmith Apollo on the 16th of June 2015. Incubus also announced a joint 2015 North American Summer Tour with Deftones. Support will be provided by Death From Above 1979 for most concerts of the tour. The tour begins July 22nd in Clarkston, MI at the DTE Energy Music Theatre began with the final concert of the tour set for August 30th in Chula Vista, CA at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre (formerly Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre).

Incubus was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Alex Katunich and drummer Jose Pasillas, while the members were in high school. They existed as a band for some time before they gave themselves a name, having only chosen the band's name 'Incubus' when required to supply a band name for an upcoming show. The band's early shows were frequently at nightclubs on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, including such well-known venues as the Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy and the Troubadour.

Incubus produced many of their early recordings with Jim Wirt and Chillum Records in a Santa Monica studio, only able to work on their music during hours in which they were not in school. In 1995, Incubus added Gavin Koppell (known by his stage name DJ Lyfe) to the band and recorded their first two song EP, Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Root Beer. This was followed by the debut album Fungus Amongus, also recorded with Wirt and released on Incubus' own label Stopuglynailfungus Music. After the release of Fungus Amongus, Incubus signed with Immortal Records, later to become Epic Records. The 1997 six-track EP Enjoy Incubus was the band's first major-label release and was created so the band could represent a recording while touring with Korn in Europe.

Incubus is a Grammy-nominated Alternative rock band based out of Calabasas, California.
They're named after an evil spirit who has sex with women while they sleep. The name does not fit their personality, as they are known as nice guys. When Incubus formed they did not know the name means "A demon that rapes a sleeping woman." One of them was reading a magazine and thought the word sounded interesting.
They played a show in New York City the week of September 11, 2001. They were the only major band who did not cancel their show the week of the attacks.
Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger's brother play in a band called Audiovent.
When Mike Einziger was 17, he auditioned to be the guitarist in Alanis Morissette's Band.
Only 2 members of Incubus don't have tattoos: Einziger and Kilmore.
Boyd and Einziger are vegetarians.



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I Wish You Were Here
Nice To Know You
Pardon Me
Black Heart Inertia
Love Hurts
Promises Promises


Absolution Calling

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