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  • In 2008 Jay-Z and Beyoncé were named Hollywood's highest-earning couple by Forbes. The couple were stated as being worth $162 million.
  • Jay-Z's height is 6'1".
  • Jay-Z's top friends are: Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, The Neptunes, and Foxy Brown.
  • Jay-Z featured Chris Martin from the band Coldplay, to add the song Beach Chair to his 2006 album Kingdom Come. The song was produced by Chris Martin.
  • During August 2008, some of Jay-Z's extravagances during a stay in Africa included a watermelon carved into the shape of Beyoncé's chest, with cherries acting as nipples.
  • Jay-Z was listed at #9 in Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 of 2007.
  • As of 2007, Jay-Z has been nominated for 20 Grammy Awards, eight of those collaborations. Of these nominations, he has six Grammy wins.
  • American Gangster, Jay-Z's 2007 album, is a "concept" album, inspired by the Denzel Washington movie of the same name. After seeing an advanced screening of the movie, Jay-Z was inspired to make the album.
  • Jay-Z retired in 2003, only to come back with the hit album Kingdom Come in 2006. His next album American Gangster is set to be released in November 2007.
  • Jay-Z got the Hard Knock Life chorus from the Broadway play Annie.
  • Jay-Z was a high school friend of the Notorious B.I.G.
  • Jay-Z's song Can I Live? samples The Look Of Love by Issac Hayes.
  • Jay-Z's album The Blueprint was released on the tragic day of September 11, 2001. It's a coincidence that it is called The Blueprint. A blueprint is the architectural plan or design for a building or skyscraper before it is built.
  • Jay-Z appears on Fall Out Boy's song Thriller from their album Infinity On High.
  • Beyonce's father does not like Jay-Z.
  • In 2004, Jay-Z's request to be knighted was turned down by Prince Charles.
  • In 2004, Jay-Z recieved an award from Prince Charles in London for his contribution to UK music.
  • In 2004, R. Kelly sued Jay-Z for $75 million after he was kicked off their tour.
  • Jay-Z often spoke of his nephews in his music, including tributes in hits U Don't Know, Sunshine, Anything and Lost One.
  • In 2005, Jay-Z lost his nephew in a car crash. He was driving a Chrysler 300 given to him by Jay-Z for a graduation present.
  • Jay-Z and P. Diddy joined forces to donate $1.3 million to Hurricane Katrina victims.
  • On Beyonce's 24th birthday, Jay-Z spent more than $1 million on a diamond ring and watch for her.
  • Jay-Z is worth a reported $182.1 million.
  • In 2005, Jay-Z was turned away from the Kabaret Prophecy club in London for having too big of an entourage.
  • Damon Wayans request to patent the controversial word that rhymes with Jay-Z's trademark persona "Jigga" was rejected by the U.S. patent office.
  • Jay-Z is being sued by ex-WWF wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, for using his Diamond Cutter symbol. Apparently DDP had used that symbol with his hands while he was wrestling and it is on his book. When Jay-Z began using it to symbolize his dynasty, DDP got mad.
  • Jay-Z was named the greatest hip-hop MC of all time by MTV.
  • Jay-Z has called for a boycott of expensive Cristal champagne. The call comes after the managing director of Louis Roederer, the company that produces Cristal, described the hip-hop community's patronage as 'unwelcome attention'.
  • Jay-Z is part-majority owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets. He has decided to move them to Brooklyn, New York, his hometown. They will be called the Brooklyn Nets.
  • Jay-Z is the President of Def Jam Records. During his first year as President Def Jam struck gold with Mariah Carey, Young Jeezy, NE-YO, and Rihanna.
  • Jay-Z is the CEO, owner, and founder of his own record label, Roc-a-Fella Records

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