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Jimmy Eat World

  • Being dumped by their record label in 1999 may have been the best thing that ever happened to these guys. Since then they have broken through to the mainstream.
  • Once on their own, they did a self-promoted tour of Europe using the van bought for them by the record company. They had never had records released anywhere but the United States.
  • In 2000, they played Germany's two biggest festivals, Bizarre and PopKomm, and in 2000 their 1999 album charted there. That helped raise money for future recordings.
  • Based in Tempe, Arizona.
  • Signed to Capitol Records in 1995 after a mere few months of playing locally.
  • Their debut album, Static Prevails, sold only 10,000, but it's just gone up from there.
  • "Jimmy" is Linton's younger brother, who had a weight problem. Adkins' younger brother drew a picture on Jimmy's door of him putting a globe in his mouth, and wrote on it "Jimmy Eat World." That's how they got their name.

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In the Middle


My Best Theory


Last Christmas

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