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I'm feeling like the snowman in my profile pic - it's Monday.
Posted December 27, 2010 15:56
Being a secretary has it's perks, presents from many of my co-workers.
Posted December 22, 2010 13:35
Snow and rain in Wisconsin. Drove down the highway going only 25 mph.
Posted December 21, 2010 16:47
I've got a lot of Christmas shopping to do this weekend. Just waiting for my next paycheck.
Posted December 16, 2010 16:11
playing Holiday Music and gettin in the mood
Posted November 30, 2010 11:23
BAck from vacationing in Galena, Illinois. If you ever get the chance, go there!
Posted August 17, 2010 15:40
Looking to add "Brand New Key" to my Playlist, but can't find it anywhere. Help!!
Posted July 23, 2010 12:09
At work listening to "THE 80s" even though we're not suppose to stream music through our computers. What are they going to do, fire me? LOL
Posted June 04, 2010 17:43