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Posted May 11, 2010 11:15
yesterday wanst the greatest b-day in the world un less you like laying around on the couch sick all day
Posted May 08, 2010 10:36
so not ready to clean.......but gotta do it anyway!
Posted May 04, 2010 15:52
just noticed my hot or not rating went down to 3 WTF :(
Posted May 03, 2010 22:06
gettin ready to head to ky
Posted April 28, 2010 14:10
we're not supposed to have midnight snacks, how come there is a light in the fridge?
Posted April 27, 2010 11:53
People do not change, they just find new ways to lie to you.
Posted April 26, 2010 13:23
Only in America do we have drive up ATM's with braille on them.
Posted April 24, 2010 12:16
is off to do what I do when i do what i do!
Posted April 23, 2010 12:59