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So YeS i AdMiT ItZ KiLlInG MeH...I DidNT KnOw HoW MuCh It HuRTz 2 SeE YoUR OlD L0V3 w/ SoMeOnE elSe...I HaTE THis fEelInG...BuT i ThiNk He fEels daH SamE Whe...
Posted March 07, 2011 19:31
TrYeReD!! I lOvE y0u SaLoMoN RoDrIgEz GaRcIa!!!<3 i DoNt wAnT t0 rUn 5 mIlEs aT tRaCk ToNiGhT!! ;P......I love my baby and all my haters!!
Posted March 04, 2011 09:49
MiSsInG mY BaBy...HaVeN't SeEn HiM 4 ThrEe DayZ...<3 I LoV3 yOu...SaLoMoN RoDrIgEz GaRcIa!!!<3
Posted March 02, 2011 08:14
Having fun in study hall w/my Man Donivon!! Hell yeah, but i should be in ISS!!
Posted February 28, 2011 11:22