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The 80's

Fall back to a time of Parachute Pants, Flower Shirts, Jelly Shoes and Ronald Reagan. The 80s Channel plays nothing but the best Pop, Rock and Retro 80's Hits from 1980 - 1989.

All the greatest music from Arcadia to Whitesnake and everything in between is played on this rockin' Internet Radio station! Sit back, close your eyes and have an 80's Hits Flashback. And if you feel like you're already there, it's ok...we feel that way too! - streaming the online music you need to relive the 80's.

Blog Posts about Popular 80's Music

  • 80s Music – What Do We Know About It?

    If you ask someone about ‘80s music, they don’t always have pleasant memories. The general sentiment is that the ‘60s was the development of rock music, while the ‘70s was the ‘disco’ music decade and the ‘80s sucked.

    The ‘60s belongs to bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Who along with many other classic groups who influenced the development of modern rock as we know it now.

    However, ‘80s music is given less significance by the masses, but the experts think it doesn’t warrant such unfair treatment.

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  • 15 Great Artists You Should Hear, Part 2 (Artists 9-5)

    Here is the second part to a list of great artist you need to hear! We all know how vast the musical spectrum can be; there is a lot of good, a lot of bad, but definitely a lot you should hear.

    gainsbourg 15 Great Artists You Should Hear, Part 2 (Artists 9 5)9. Serge Gainsbourg: France’s version of Sinatra is the iconic emblem of European cool. Serge was like Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, Neil Diamond, and of course Sinatra, all rolled into one. Starting his career in the 60’s, Serge did everything, folk, pop, ballad, rock and roll, phsycadelic. His albums have been sampled time and time again. The best album to pick up is the revered “Melody Nelson” – this crowning achievement has been marked as essential by such current artists as Beck.

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Interesting Popular 80s Music

Let's face it, some of the tunes that the 80's music groups produced was on the odd side...but that's what makes it so cool! Need a memory refresher? Here are two examples...they may not be representative of the best 80s music, but that's up to you to decide!

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