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Make way for The Autumnkind

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4-23-2010 (4:01 am)
Band Name: The Autumnkind
Venue: 333 Mother Bar, London, UK
Date: Thursday 15th April 2010
Setlist for the night included:
The Shipping Forecast
A Brief Interruption in Service
Another Day
My Big Mouth
Half Cut
After having an in-depth interview with the London lads on a nice evening in Hoxton Square, I built a high expectation of a great show. I was pleasantly delighted to see that my expectations were met.
As soon as the band kicked off with their song The Shipping Forecast, the room was filled with great ambience.
They built a good relationship with the audience and you felt you were a part of each track they performed such as; Seachange (one of my favourites); My Big Mouth; Half Cut; Another Day etc… You could see they enjoy performing as much as we enjoyed listening and watching the performance. The Autumnkind have inspirational talent.
They have a rhythmic sound that touches you with words of feeling and intellect. The music they bring is chilled, uplifting and pure genius. You can sense a flavour of Snow Patrol meets John Mayer meets countless more.
I have full conviction that these men will be very successful with their Alternative Indie Rock sounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if they open for mainstream bands in the very near future.
I am anticipating greatness here and I know they will deliver. They have great support from us here in the UK and I know this will soon extend into the wider spectrum of the globe.
My message to them is carpé diem (seize the day) and keep up with the good work...just don’t lose the passion for your music.
The Autumnkind’s album The Shipping Forecast is set to hit the UK stores at the beginning of May. Make sure you get your copy!!!
For further information on The Autumnkind please visit the following:

To watch the 2 part interview of The Autumnkind click on the following:

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