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WWE 2010 and WWE Online announced!

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5-06-2010 (3:54 pm)
Come on.. let's get an actual conversation going, people! IGN has reported that we'll get more information on this.. and the Asia based WWE Online game at E3.. Considering the last one introduced create a story mode, it'll be interesting to see if they build on it, or the Royal Rumble revamp, in the next game in the series.


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5-06-2010 (5:10 pm)
Not much of a gamer myself but I will have to pass this on to my best friend.  He is a big gamer and a huge WWE fan.  I tell him all the time how he is living a life of fantasy but he it is what makes him happy.

Thanks for the news!

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5-20-2010 (12:56 pm)
"Living a life of fantasy" huh? I assume you do the kindness of telling that to any of your friends who obsess over sports, television, books, music, websites, writing, drawing, and any type of fiction or spectator activity as well, right?

Since,  you know, if it's fiction, it's 'fantasy.' And since there's no difference between [b]watching[/b] someone else play a sports activity and sports entertainment? Hell, I'd argue there isn't any difference between [b]taking part in one[/b] either, since ultimately you're still just playing a game.

Or do you only selectively apply this 'logic' or lack thereof to something you find socially acceptable to mock? :P

J/ Wilde

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