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9-03-2009 (12:04 am)
Hey all I have a ? for you all...  Has this been happening to anyone else?  I looked earlier 2day, and I was at almost 79000 BUT now it tells me i'm ONLY at 74735...  Can someone please fix my points for me??  I'm hoping whenever I come home from the hospital in I think it'll just be a few days my points will be fixed...  Also how do I fix my profile to look like everyone elses, like how do I add more songs to my profile??  Thank you all very much for all the replies...

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9-03-2009 (12:31 am)

It's possible some of the points you earned were fradulent and you didn't even know it.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the points program.

You should be able to add up to 50 songs into your playlist now without doing anything other than add them

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