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8-01-2010 (3:24 pm)
Seriously, and this board needs a little life! For those of you unfortunates who haven't heard, Nintendo and Sony are both bringing forth 3D gaming- but while Sony's asking you to sink down thousands of dollars for a compatible television, the 3DS (codenamed) requires neither television or glasses.

From the sound of it, the effect works quite well, too!

They're throwing in a few other features - motion sensors, gyroscope,  built in tag mode, a total fo 3 cameras (for taking low res pictures- *in three d!* - and an analog pad.. Hm... did I get all the features? don't worry, the mic's back too.

Toss in an unbearably huge amount of first and third party games for the system, and I think we could be looking at the next must have console out there.

What're your thoughts, everyone?


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5-12-2011 (3:54 pm)
But seriously, has anyone gotten yet? Be nice to hear some player feedback on it. I want to get one, eventually, anyway!

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