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Possible ad solution... Idea..

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9-20-2010 (12:28 pm)

lack of forced audio ads are the reason I found your online station... obviously its the music you play also...

We have to sign in anyway... as I belive its nessesary to keep the points program legit so why not have a short pre-signin ad... like a video ad you see before some sights let you view your first video...

Annother words you view a short 10-15 second ad before you get audio... that way everyone gets one.... your add hits go way up and voluntary hits are always available...

Hopefully then you wont have to force ads during programing...

mark Chickey

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9-21-2010 (10:14 pm)

I appreciate the idea but I think we run as much advertising as we should.  Some would even say too much :) 

Thanks for listening

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9-23-2010 (5:15 pm)
I agree that it's a bit much - but I would gladly take less while I am listening if there was a longer ad up-front to listen to.

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