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12-28-2010 (5:20 pm)
i thought i would let club977 know that i love this station and always listen to it. i have noticed though that  one song on the playlist  could cause speaker damage. this song is prince when doves cry when it plays the woofer will move like it floating i downloaded the song from a diffrent source and it dont do it. i belive that its prob either a bad copy of the song or maybe its ripd from lp and its low frequency the needle picked up. this can make the woofers really move in and out i havent notcied it do speaker damage yet but its possible if somone has a woofer that cant extened out very far.  its not my speaker or setup cause it only does this on this song. i got my pc hooked up to my vintage epicure 3.0's and sansui 7900z amp. i just want people to be aware of this  like i said i downloaded the song myself and it dont have that problem

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