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other than flash?

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11-01-2009 (7:40 am)
hy i was just woundering when will you be able to earn points through other players other than the flash cuz i use winamp and flash dosnt have an eqwalizer. also if i log out and im still listning to i earn points?

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11-03-2009 (8:09 pm)
There are no plans for points earning support through Winamp at this time but that doesn't mean we couldn't come up with something at a later time.

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11-26-2009 (7:07 am)
I concur, earning points through stand-alone media players would be very useful both to listeners and perhap the site itself (maybe you will gain listeners who do not bother with the site because of lack of audio functions like EQ.)

After all, I only found out about this site through MediaMonkey's online radio player......!
(Perhaps another revenue source also (mediaplayer ads or integration or something ?)

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