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8-04-2009 (2:53 am)
If I'm not paying attention to the .977 page it tends to log me out. I've used many programs and plugins to try to keep myself logged in. But it seems to log me out about once an hour. I am able to listen to .977 at work (all night) and it is very annoy to be working and sit down at my computer to find out I've been logged out for I don't know how long. I figured that if I already listen to comedy and music all night I might as well get something for it in the long run (i want that WII soooooooo bad lol). Is there a way to fix this issue?

-ps I use firefox.

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8-10-2009 (3:06 am)
6 days and no response?

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8-31-2009 (9:04 am)

The reason there was no reply is because this has already been discussed many times.  You will be logged out of after 1 hour if you don't do something.  This is for security reasons.

If you use the flash player to listen, you only have to login once.  After that, you'll continur to earn points until you stop listening.

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