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non stop Haiti domation ads

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1-24-2010 (11:49 pm)

I love, and mean love 977 music. So much so that I have almost stopped illegally downloading MP3s (has been my primary source of acquiring music since before Winamp). I play 977 on my home stereo, stream it in my car, and stream it via my phone at the gym, I love the fact that you do not have to listen to Djs talk about mindless crap. I happily deal with the dull advertisements (and have even made one purchase from one).

I know this isn't politically correct, however I can no longer stand the frequency of the 'Donate to the Haiti relief effort ads'. I have pity for anyone who has to live through any natural disaster, anyone who lives in poverty, amongst many other things. I have not, and will not be donating money for the Haiti relief effort (not because I do not care) though will continue my donations to the local and regional charities (as well as random acts of kindness) that I have always contributed to.

Please for the love of all things sane, at least reduce the frequency of, or create new less depressing ads for the Haiti relief effort.

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